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Work Experience

Creative Director   |   For Others  


- Manages team of creatives to ensure relevant, trending, and company branding design

   practices are followed with excellence

- Creates all visual content from social media, to digital advertisements, to print

   documents for entire organization

- Manages creative expectations of all Senior VP stakeholders

- Captures creative vision of all teams to craft organizational branding standards

- Enforces branding standards across organization 

- Supervises all marketing growth (608% of growth in one year)



Director of Marketing Operations  |  Prison Fellowship


- Managed team of project managers to ensure entire creative team was supported

- Managed contracts with all internal clients and external vendors 

- Responsible as the liaison between creative team and all clients

- Led the adoption of all softwares from project management to creative platforms

- Led all creative meetings and ideation processes 



Sr. Graphic Design Manager  |  Prison Fellowship  


- Managed team of creatives to ensure best design practices are followed

- Supervised coordination and execution of all design initiatives 

- Creative liaison between Senior VP’s and design team

- Worked in tandem with multiple teams and external clients to see all creative initiatives

   executed with excellence

- Created visual content & branding for inside and outside clientele



Creative Director  |  Liberty University  


- Managed team of 15 creatives from all creative realms

- Supervised creative and visual goals from Senior VP’s  

- Directed creative vision for nine departments

- Led all creative meetings and ideation processes

- Created visual content and branding for 100,000+ individuals weekly

Sr. Graphic Designer  |  Liberty University  


- Created any and all content for nine departments within the university

- Created illustrations, graphics, videos, and lettering pieces as instructed by Senior VP's  

- Ideated, created, and presented brand pitches for any new branding initiatives

- Created and managed project management software and processes

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